New Hampshire House votes to legalize recreational marijuana News
New Hampshire House votes to legalize recreational marijuana

The New Hampshire House of Representatives voted Tuesday to legalize recreational marijuana [HB 656 materials].

After a committee recommendation that the lawmakers kill the bill, the House voted [NHPR report] against killing the bill. The House then voted 207-139 to pass an amended version [text, PDF] of the bill that would allow [AP report] adults to cultivate up to six plants at home, as well as possess up to one ounce of marijuana and certain marijuana-infused products. The bill does not allow for retail sales of marijuana.

The legislation was then referred to the House Ways and Means Committee and is ultimately expected to wind up in the Senate, where it may face some difficulty. Historically, House-approved marijuana legislation has died [Forbes report] in the Senate.

The bill’s approval comes just after the Trump administration rescinded [JURIST report] Obama-era marijuana enforcement policies last week. This move has faced opposition from some members of Congress and state officials, including some from New Hampshire.