Former Peru President receives medical pardon News
Former Peru President receives medical pardon

Former Peru President Alberto Fujimori was pardoned [press release] by President Pedro Pablo Kuzynski on Sunday after serving almost half of a 25-year prison sentence for human rights abuses and corruption committed during his authoritarian regime in the 1990s.

Fijumori, now 79 years old, received a medical pardon after being diagnosed with arrhythmia and tongue cancer. On Tuesday, he issued a public apology for his past wrongdoings, which was his first acknowledgment of his transgressions.

Fijumori was found guilty [JURIST report] for killing 25 people during a violent campaign against the Shining Path rebels. He was also serving time for multiple counts of illegal wiretapping and bribery, paying a former Peruvian intelligence director millions to resign, and ordering a warrantless search [JURIST reports] of former Peruvian intelligence director’s wife’s apartment.

Current-President Kuzynski, who promised during his Presidential campaign that he would not issue a pardon to Fujimori, explained that this decision was “based on humanitarian reasons” that he believes are in the best interest for the future of Peru. He encouraged all Peruvians to not “get carried away by hatred,” and to “go through this page and work together” for a better future.

Fujimori’s pardon has caused widespread protests in Peru, prompted by suspicions that the pardon is a part of a deal to protect current-President Kuczynski from impeachment on corruption charges stemming from accusations that his consulting firm received payment from Odebrecht [corporate website], a company longtime accused of bribing public officials.