Saudi authorites detain more than 200 in corruption probe News
Saudi authorites detain more than 200 in corruption probe

Saudi authorities have detained more than 200 individuals in connection with an investigation into corruption that has cost more than USD $100 billion over the past several decades, Attorney General Sheikh Saud Al Mojeb said [press release] Thursday.

Of these 208 individuals called in for questioning, seven have been released without charge.

The governor of the Saudi Arabian Monetary Authority [official website] agreed Tuesday to suspend personal bank accounts of persons of interest in this investigation, assuring “only personal bank accounts have been suspended, companies and banks are free to continue with transactions as usual.”

The statement notes that the identities of the individuals will be withheld at this time:

In order to ensure that the individuals continue to enjoy the full legal rights afforded to them under Saudi law, we will not be revealing any more personal details at this time. We ask that their privacy is respected while they continue to be subject to our judicial process. … The Government of Saudi Arabia … is working within a clear legal and institutional framework to maintain transparency and integrity in the market.

Saudi Arabia officials also arrested [JURIST report] dozens on Sunday, including princes, military officers, influential businessmen and government ministers, as a part of this anti-corruption probe.