Egypt court upholds life sentence of Muslim Brotherhood leader

Egypt court upholds life sentence of Muslim Brotherhood leader

An Egypt court on Wednesday upheld the life sentence [JURIST report] of 74-year-old Mohamed Badie, leader of the Muslim Brotherhood [party website], convicted in 2015 for his role in the 2013 attack on a Port Said police station that resulted in the death of five individuals.

The court also upheld [Reuters report] life sentences against seven other individuals, while handing out 10-year sentences to 39 individuals and three-year sentences to 19 others.

Badie and 88 other Muslim Brotherhood members were convicted for their role in the violent clashes that broke out in the city of Ismailia following the political turmoil that led to the ouster of then president and member of Muslim Brotherhood Mohamed Morsi [BBC profile]. Most of the defendants were tried and sentenced [JURIST report] in absentia for the killing of five people at a police station in the northeastern city of Port Said in August 2013.

Twenty-eight other defendants were tried and given 10-year sentences, while 71 were acquitted in the 2015 trial. This most recent sentencing is Badie’s sixth life sentence, which is a 25-year sentence in Egypt. Badie has also been sentenced to life in eight other cases, only one of which has been confirmed. Two were canceled, two are pending appeal, and three the subject of retrials.Three months prior, Badie was also handed a death sentence [JURIST report], together with Morsi himself, for orchestrating attempted jailbreaks and attacks on police during the 2011 uprising. That sentence was also upheld [JURIST report] a month later.

Rights groups have alleged [Reuters report] that the crackdowns, and life and death sentences are part of an unprecedented crackdown by General Abdel Fattah al-Sisi‘s [BBC profile] government, who promised during his campaign for the presidency that he will wipe out the Muslim Brotherhood. Sisi led the army that ultimately led to the ouster of Morsi in 2013.