Trump issues health care executive order News
Trump issues health care executive order

[JURIST] US President Donald Trump signed an executive order [text] Thursday that makes it easier for people to buy more forms of health insurance at potentially cheaper costs.

The order identified three main areas of priority: allowing small business access to association health plans (AHP), expanding use of short term, limited-duration insurance (STLDI), and expanding health reimbursement arrangements (HRA). Under AHPs, small business will be able to come together, even across state lines, to provide less regulated, cheaper health care for employees.

Opposition leaders have criticized [Reuters report] Trump’s actions. Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer [official website] stated “[h]aving failed to repeal the law in Congress, the president is sabotaging the system.” Experts have stated that this could dismantle comprehensive coverage [NYT report] for the sick and lower classes in the country, contrary to the goals set out within the executive order itself.

This executive order occurs a month after Senator Bernie Sanders [official website] released his “Medicare for all” bill [JURIST report].