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Iraq court orders arrest of Kurdistan VP
Iraq court orders arrest of Kurdistan VP

Iraq’s Supreme Justice Council on Thursday ordered the arrest of Kurdistan Regional Government Vice President Kosrat Rasul on charges of “provocation” against Iraq’s armed forces.

The court order [BBC report] comes after Rasul has spoken out against the increased military presence of Iraqi forces in northern parts of the country. The Kurdish forces have been working with Iraqi forces in expelling Islamic State militants in the country, but fear that Iraq will begin to crack down on any independence notions the Kurds might have.

A spokesperson for the judiciary stated [DW report] that Rasul’s comments were viewed as a violation of Article 226 of the penal code [materials].

In mid-September Iraq’s Federal Supreme Court temporarily suspended [JURIST report] the Kurdistan Regional Government’s independence referendum vote that was set to take place September 25. The referendum eventually did take place with 92 percent of the voters voting “Yes” [JURIST report] to secede from Iraq and create an independent Kurdistan.