Trump significantly limits entry into US from eight nations
Trump significantly limits entry into US from eight nations

In a Proclamation [text] issued late Sunday, US President Donald Trump [official profile] identified eight countries that have failed to cooperate in information sharing activities to the extent the administration deems necessary to protect US security interests. The affected countries are:

  1. Chad
  2. Iran
  3. Libya
  4. North Korea
  5. Syria
  6. Venezuela
  7. Yemen
  8. Somalia

Subject to limitations and exceptions also identified in the proclamation, nationals of the eight identified countries are prohibited from entering the US.

It may take a minute to parse the entire order, but a few things are worth noting at the outset:

  1. This was issued as a presidential proclamation and not an executive order. There will doubtless be discussion of whether there is a difference and, if so, what that difference is.
  2. The eight countries at issue here are not the same as the seven Muslim-majority countries identified in the president’s earlier executive order limiting immigration. Notably, six of the eight countries identified here are Muslim-majority.
  3. The proclamation provides, at Section 3, for exceptions for, inter alia dual nationals, those traveling on diplomatic missions, and permanent US residents, thus providing a level of clarity that was missing from the earlier executive action.