Moscow court rejects Holocaust hero family’s lawsuit News
Moscow court rejects Holocaust hero family’s lawsuit

The Moscow Meshchansky court rejected a lawsuit [Moscow Times report] Monday filed by a relative of Raoul Wallenberg, seeking to access uncensored documents concerning Wallenberg’s death in Soviet captivity.

Wallenberg was a Swedish diplomat who is said to have rescued thousands of Hungarian Jews during World War II. Soviet forces captured Wallenberg in 1945 for espionage and placed him in KGB’s Lubyanka Prison. The USSR released a document in 1954 saying Wallenberg died in the Lubyanka Prison of heart failure in 1947.

The actual cause of Wallenberg’s death is still speculative. Wallenberg’s niece, Marie Dupuy filed the lawsuit against [AP report] KGB successor, the Federal Security Service, requesting documents that would shed light on the circumstances surrounding his death. Ivan Pavlov, the lawyer representing the family, said “Russian authorities have been repeatedly declining to provide Wallenberg’s relatives with documents, which could clarify his fate [RAPSI report].” The court rejected the lawsuit, stating that the documents could not be released [Reuters report] because they also contained personal information about other individuals.