Democratic lawmakers file article of impeachment for Trump News
Democratic lawmakers file article of impeachment for Trump

California Representative Brad Sherman [official website] filed an article of impeachment [text, PDF] against President Donald Trump [official website] on Wednesday. The measure accuses Trump of obstructing justice concerning the Russia probe by using “his authority to hinder and cause the termination of such investigation(s) including through threatening, and then terminating, James Comey.” Critics of the move believe it is unlikely to succeed in the majority Republican House. Sherman addressed this in a statement [press release] saying introduction of the articles will have two likely outcomes:

First, I have slight hope it will inspire an “intervention” in the White House. If Impeachment is real, if they actually see Articles, perhaps we will see incompetency replaced by care. Perhaps uncontrollable impulses will be controlled. And perhaps the danger our nation faces will be ameliorated. Second, and more likely, filing Articles of Impeachment is the first step on a very long road. But if the impulsive incompetency continues, then eventually—many, many months from now—Republicans will join the impeachment effort.

The article is supported by Texas Representative Al Green [official website] who had previously called for Trump’s impeachment on the House floor.

Allegations of Russian connections have been a problem for the Trump administration since the early stages of his presidency. Last month US Attorney General Jeff Sessions testified [JURIST report before the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence in relation to his alleged ties to Russia and its coordination with President Donald Trump’s campaign in 2016. When asked why he had initially stated those conversations did not take place, Sessions said that he was flustered by the questioning and misunderstood what was being asked of him. He also said that he did not recuse himself from the investigations because of his failure to disclose [JURIST reports] those meetings. In May Former FBI director James Comey testified [JURIST report] in front of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence. Earlier in May the committee issued a subpoena [JURIST report] compelling former National Security Adviser Lieutenant General Michael Flynn to provide documents related to the committee’s investigation into Russian interference during the 2016 presidential election. Also in May former acting US Attorney General Sally Yates testified [JURIST report] before the Senate Judiciary Committee stating that she had warned about Flynn’s vulnerabilities to blackmail by Russia less than a week after President Donald Trump assumed office. In March now-former FBI Director James Comey confirmed [JURIST report] that the FBI was investigating allegations of Russian interference with the 2016 US presidential election.