HRW accuses UAE of supporting human rights abuses in Yemen News
HRW accuses UAE of supporting human rights abuses in Yemen

[JURIST] Human Rights Watch [advocacy website] on Thursday accused [press release] the United Arab Emirates (UAE) of backing “Yemeni forces that have arbitrarily detained, forcibly disappeared, tortured, and abused dozens of people during security operations.” According to HRW, the UAE claims that the it provides financial and military aid to the Yemeni troops under the guise of fighting ISIS. However, HRW has traced the disappearance or arbitrary detention of 38 individuals to Yemeni troops backed by the UAE. The UAE also runs two secret prisons in Yemen, according to HRW. In a report [AP report] also released on Thursday, the Associated Press found at least 18 secret prisons run by either the UAE or by troops receiving the nation’s support.

The UAE has drawn controversy from the international community for its justice system. In November a new law [JURIST report] was issued in Dubai to establish an independent judiciary branch. That same month the international community raised issues [CNN report] with the Dubai justice system following the arrest of a UK woman for extramarital affairs after she had reported that she had been raped to Dubai authorities. In 2013 a coalition of international human rights groups criticized [JURIST report] the trial of more than 60 activists in the UAE who had attempted to overthrow the current government.