Trump signs executive order combating drug addiction News
Trump signs executive order combating drug addiction

US President Donald Trump [official website] signed an executive order [text] Wednesday establishing a task force for combating drug addiction that will be led [press release] by New Jersey Governor Chris Christie. The President’s Commission on Combating Drug Addiction and the Opioid Crisis will be made up of members appointed by the president. The purpose of the commission will be to study the impact of past federal programs in this area. The commission will then, in turn, recommend efforts to more effectively battle drug addiction.

The Trump administration has signed a number of high-profile executive orders since the president’s January inauguration. This week Trump signed an executive order [JURIST report] reforming the previous administration’s energy policies. Earlier this month Trump signed a new immigration executive order, which contains several departures [JURIST report] from the original January executive order. Last month the president signed an executive order that creates regulatory task forces [JURIST report] in every federal agency to look through the regulations and determine which ones “are burdensome to the US economy” and can be removed or consolidated.