Argentina’s ex-president ordered to stand trial News
Argentina’s ex-president ordered to stand trial

[JURIST] Argentinian Federal Judge Claudio Bonadio [CIJ backgrounder, in Spanish] on Thursday ordered [opinion, in Spanish] former President Cristina Kirchner [official website, in Spanish] to stand trail in a multi-billion dollar fraud case. Kirchner and 14 other government officials have been accused of collaborating in an attempt to to defraud the Argentinian government of $3.5 billion by selling the Central Bank of Argentina’s [official website] dollar futures at below-market rates. Kirchner and her two children are also currently being investigated [NYT report] for corruption charges related to her real estate businesses, including that she received illicit payments from public works contractors.

Kirchner has faced numerous legal troubles since leaving office. Kirchner was indicted [JURIST report] in December on allegations of corruption, accused of illicit association and fraudulent administration in connection with the use of funds meant for public works. In 2015, a judge in Argentina dismissed [JURIST report] criminal allegations against Kirchner that accused her of conspiring to shield Iranian officials from responsibility for the 1994 bombing of a Jewish center in Buenos Aires. Kirchner was accused [JURIST report] of the cover up in January 2015. In February, an Argentine prosecutor asked a court to investigate [JURIST report] Kirchner’s successor, Maurico Marci, and other government officials over a deal the national government made with a company owned by Macri’s family.