South Korea indicts former culture minister, top aide News
South Korea indicts former culture minister, top aide

[JURIST] South Korea’s special prosecutor indicted former culture minister Cho Yoon-sun [official profile] and former presidential chief of staff Kim Ki-choon Tuesday for their roles in creating a blacklist of opposition artists. They are charged [Reuters report] with coercion, abuse of power and perjury connected to the decision to identify artists critical of the impeached president Park Geun-hye [official profile], and exclude them from government assistance. Both have denied existence of a blacklist or participation in drafting one. Cho Yoon-sun was arrested [JURIST report] last month, marking the first time a sitting minister has ever been arrested in South Korea.

In November, the Parliament of South Korea appointed a special prosecutor [JURIST report] to investigate Park for allegedly allowing individuals to influence state affairs. Also in November two former aides and a close friend of the Park were indicted on corruption charges [JURIST report]. The investigation led to the impeachment of the president [JURIST report], accused of sharing confidential governmental information and extorting millions of dollars from large corporations. The investigation led to donations made by Samsung Group. Last month, the special prosecutor asked the court to grant an arrest order [JURIST report] a Samsung executive. However South Korean court refused [JURIST report].