Oracle appeals decision on Google’s use of software News
Oracle appeals decision on Google’s use of software

On Saturday tech company Oracle [website] appealed the decision [text, PDF] on their lawsuit over Google’s use of their software to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit [official website]. Oracle is alleging that Google’s Android software violated Oracle’s copyright, by copying certain code made by Oracle. Oracle lost in the disctrict court, but reasons that the issue should be heard again, as the district court obstructed Oracle’s case by not letting it present necessary evidence. The district court held that the code used by Google was an allowed fair use under US Copyright law. If Oracle was to succeed in the lawsuit, it could reportedly be worth billions of dollars.

Google and Oracle had tried to negotiate a settlement but after the negotiation broke down in 2012 the case was heard [JURIST report] by the US District Court for the Northern District of California. Oracle lost the case [JURIST report] and was ordered to pay $1 million in court costs to Google, following a jury verdict [JURIST report] in favor of Google. The case was later remanded [JURIST report] back to the district court for further consideration of Google’s fair use defense, and the court again held for Google.