Jordan military court arrests eight on speech charges News
Jordan military court arrests eight on speech charges

The Jordanian government arrested [Al Jazeera report] eight activists last week, charging them with “insulting the King” and “incitement to spread chaos to undermine the political regime of Jordan using social media” as late as Tuesday. Those arrested include retired, top military and intelligence officials. Lawyers say that they have been unable to reach their clients, who will be held for at least two more weeks. The activists criticized corruption investigations, security flaws, and government leaders.

Free speech is often implicated in cyber crime legislation and through social media monitoring. Earlier this month HRW criticized [JURIST report] Saudi Arabia for their detainment of rights advocates often through vague provisions from the nation’s 2007 cybercrime law. In August of last year the National Assembly of Pakistan approved [JURIST report] the controversial Electronic Crimes Bill 2015. The law has received negative attention in the past from human rights activists for the role it could play in hindering the free speech and privacy of Pakistani citizens. In March of that year Amnesty International expressed concern [JURIST report] over the cyber-crime conviction of a journalist in Saudi Arabia for posts created under this private Twitter account.