UN rights chief expresses concern for global human rights
UN rights chief expresses concern for global human rights

UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein on Wednesday expressed concern [text] for global human rights. The commissioner urged the promotion of human rights and dignity in an informal briefing to the human rights council after completing an international tour. The briefing served as an announcement of a global public information campaign to counteract the mistrust of international organizations and the increase of xenophobic and racist assaults are creating a potential Western human rights crisis. Additionally, Zeid said ongoing extrajudicial killings and conflict need a united international response. The commissioner pointed to the lack of participation in the Durban Declaration and Programme of Action [text, PDF] sessions among the delegations in a time where their work is necessary in ensuring the safety and protections of millions of individuals around the globe.

I have been struck by a recent erosion of consensus upholding many of the international institutions and laws which help to maintain social cohesion within States, and peaceful, constructive relations between them. The international institutions set up by States are imperfect, but they are a bulwark against worse chaos. To erode their legitimacy and impede their action threatens essential forces for moderation and progress – at a time of heightened risk. Global instability, which is fed by inequalities, oppression, deprivation and exploitation, affects all your people, rich and poor alike. Your States have established international institutions because these threats cannot possibly be resolved by any one State alone.

The commissioner called on states to prevent the destabilization of human rights by working collectively to promote the common good.

Ongoing conflict and social unrest continue to create a need for international organizations to promote human rights.
A UN human rights expert provided a report [JURIST report] to an international conference in Thailand on Wednesday regarding discrimination of the lesbian, gay bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) community. A spokesperson for the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights expressed concern [JURIST report] Tuesday about possible crimes against humanity committed against Myanmar’s Rohingya Muslim minority. US Central Command concluded [JURIST report] on Wednesday that airstrikes carried out by the US-led coalition near Dayr az Zawr, Syria, in September did not violate international law