Philippines president threatens to leave UN following criticism News
Philippines president threatens to leave UN following criticism

[JURIST] Filipino President Rodrigo Duterte on Sunday threatened to withdraw the country from the UN following criticisms against his controversial crackdown on the illegal drugs. Since taking office, Duterte has used extreme methods [CNN report] to dispose of anyone connected to the nations illegal drug trade. Duterte has ordered the police force to hunt down criminals and kill them should they refuse to surrender. The UN recently stated [UN report] that over 850 people have so far been killed as a result of Duterte’s campaign. UN Special Rapporteur Agnes Callamard stated that Duterte must abide by his international obligations and human rights standards despite the threats that the illegal drug trade may pose. In response Duterte harshly accused the UN of providing no benefit to the Philippines and told the UN to ” take us out of your organization”. Duterte further threatened [CT Post report] to form a new international organization comprised of other Asian and African nations critical of the UN.

Duterte took the presidential office in May after promising [WSJ report] the Filipino population that he will restore their broken society, redistribute the wealth, and aggressively crackdown on corruption and crime. During his campaign, Duterte declared [Guardian report] that 100,000 people would die in his crackdown on crime. Since Duterte has taken office, about 400 suspected drug dealers have been killed and 600,000 have surrendered to the police. Earlier this month, Duterte named [JURIST report] 150 serving and former state officials connected to the nation’s illegal drug trade and ordered them to either surrender to the authorities or risk being hunted down. Duterte has stated that he disregards criticisms from the UN and human rights groups.