Former Brazil president appeals to UN for rights violation in corruption investigation News
Former Brazil president appeals to UN for rights violation in corruption investigation

[JURIST] Former president of Brazil Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva [BBC profile] filed a petition with the UN Human Rights Committee [official website] Thursday, claiming his corruption investigation has been riddled with impartiality and abuse of power by the judge. The petition [WSJ report], signed by da Silva’s lawyers and British human rights lawyer Georffrey Robertson, alleges that Judge Sergio Moro has violated the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights [materials], denying da Silva the right to a fair trial, freedom from arbitrary detention, and right to privacy. The former president alleges two instances of violation of his rights. First, he claims Moro allowed federal police to compel him to give deposition despite his having cooperated previously, and with no indication he would not further cooperate. This eventually led to da Sliva’s detention for “security reasons.” Second, following his appointment as chief of staff for his successor, Dilma Rousseff, Moro released a recording of da Silva speaking with his family, lawyers and other politicians, including Rousseff. Following the release of this recording, da Silva’s nomination was suspended and soon after Rousseff was suspended and put on trial [JURIST report] for impeachment. The former president was indicted on corruption charges stemming from his involvement with state-owned oil company Petrobas. He was subpoenaed [JURIST report] in January.

More than 100 individuals and 50 politicians have been arrested in connection to the Petrobras scandal, including the chief of staff under Brazil’s former President Jose Dirceu and the former president Fernando Collor de Mellon [Britannica profile]. In November Brazil’s highest court ordered [JURIST report] the arrest of André Esteves, the chief executive of the country’s largest investment bank, and that of Delcídio do Amaral, a powerful senator of the country’s ruling party, both accused of bribery and corruption affiliated with Petrobras.