UN rights expert warns climate change may pose threat to food security News
UN rights expert warns climate change may pose threat to food security

[JURIST] An independent UN human rights expert warned [press release] Tuesday that climate change may threaten food security. The UN Special Rapporteur on the right to food [official website], Hilal Elver, warned that the intense weather conditions, including droughts, high temperatures, earthquakes and hurricanes, are threatening crops, livestock, fish and even jobs. She called for urgent action by all countries, not just those having the biggest climate impact. Elver’s statement comes as the UN Climate Change Conference [official website] is set to begin November 30.

According to many experts, climate change [JURIST backgrounder] as a result of global greenhouse gas emissions is one of the most pressing and controversial environmental issues facing the international community today. In July US President Barack Obama and Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff announced an agreement [text] to address climate change [JURIST report]. Both countries pledged to reduce carbon emissions by increasing the use of wind and solar power sources to 20 percent of each nation’s electricity production by 2030. Brazil also pledged to help reduce the deforestation problem by restoring nearly 30 million acres of Amazon rain forest. China also announced its climate change goals [press release] in July, including reducing its adjusted carbon monoxide output by 60 percent.