UAE indicts 41 on terrorism charges News
UAE indicts 41 on terrorism charges

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) Attorney General Salem Saeed Kubaish announced Sunday that the country has indicted 41 people for attempting to organize a terrorist organization. According to the announcement [WAM report], the suspects created the ‘Al Manara Youth Group’ and collected guns, ammunition, and funding in an effort to start its own country based on ‘takfiri’ ideology. The government also alleges that the group worked with other terrorist organizations and was developing Islamic-State-style online propaganda techniques. The suspects will be tried [National report] by the Federal Supreme Court [official website] on August 24.

Last month, the UAE passed a religious tolerance law [JURIST report] designed to specifically outlaw radical groups from enforcing their version of Islam on others. In June, the country sent a message to extremists by sentencing [NBC report] Ala’a Badr Abdullah al-Hashemi to death for her militant-style killing of American teacher Iboyla Ryan. UAE carried out [NBC report] al-Hashemi’s execution last week. In March, the Arab League including UAE formed a joint military group [JURIST report] to oppose forces that threaten its members including IS.