Egypt prosecutor orders arrest of seven men over same-sex marriage video News
Egypt prosecutor orders arrest of seven men over same-sex marriage video

[JURIST] Egypt’s top prosecutor on Saturday ordered the arrest of seven men who appeared in a video of what is said to be the country’s first same-sex marriage. The men have been accused of inciting debauchery and spreading a video that violates public morals. In a statement the prosecutor’s office said [Reuters report] the images were “humiliating, regrettable, and would anger God.” After being arrested, the men were physically examined in order to attempt to determine their sexual orientation. These examinations have long been practiced by Egyptian authorities, but are heavily criticized by human rights groups. Although same-sex marriage [JURIST news archive] and homosexuality have not been outlawed in the country, discrimination and intolerance is commonplace. Homosexuals are often arrested for their actions, being charged with such offenses as scorning religion, immorality and blasphemy.

Same-sex marriage is widely controversial and contested topic throughout the world today. The US has seen a total of 19 states legalize same-sex marriage. In the most recent development this past Thursday 32 asked the US Supreme Court [JURIST report] to issue a definitive ruling on same-sex marriage. Fifteen states that allow gay marriage, led by Massachusetts, filed a brief asking the court to take up three cases from Virginia, Utah and Oklahoma and overturn the bans. The other seventeen states simply asked that the Court clear up a “morass” of lawsuits. Anti-same-sex marriage laws are being challenged elsewhere in the world as well. Last month Uganda’s Constitutional Court in Kampala overturned [JURIST report] their internationally scrutinized Anti-Homosexuality Act, deciding to strike down the law because they believed it did not properly pass through Parliament. In June Luxembourg’s national legislative body approved a bill [JURIST report] extending marriage and adoption rights to same-sex couples.