Bangladesh authorities move to ban Islamist group News
Bangladesh authorities move to ban Islamist group
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[JURIST] Bangladeshi investigators on Tuesday moved the government to ban Islamist party Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) [party website; Global Security backgrounder] for its alleged involvement in war crimes occurring during the nation’s 1971 Bangladesh Liberation War [Bangladesh News backgrounder] from Pakistan. Government investigators reportedly obtained [AP report] evidence that Jammat formed armed groups to assist Pakistani forces in the commission of atrocities. The Bangladesh war of independence caused an estimated 10 million civilians to flee to India and an estimated 3 million deaths.

On February 10 a prominent Jamaat-e-Islami leader, AKM Yusuf, died [JURIST report] of cardiac arrest while in prison awaiting trial for his role in the 1971 conflict, the man was accused of helping to train leaders of the pro-Pakistan paramilitary group called the “Razakars.” Another party leader, Abdus Subhan, was arrested in September and charged [JURIST report] by the tribunal in January for his alleged role. In December the Bangladeshi government executed [JURIST report] Abdul Quader Mullah after conviction for war crimes. Though originally sentenced to life in prison by the tribunal, the Supreme Court of Bangladesh in September sentenced him to death with no opportunity to appeal. The execution sparked widespread protests.