Syria releases 100 day plan to remove chemical weapons News
Syria releases 100 day plan to remove chemical weapons
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[JURIST] After failing to meet a February 3 deadline, Syria released a 100-day plan to dispose of their chemical weapons on Friday. The Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) [official website] set the deadline for all Syrian chemical weapons to be destroyed by June 30. While the OPCW did not comment on the plan, several organizations are critical [Reuters report] of the delay. Only 4 percent of Syria’s most dangerous chemical weapons have been disposed of [UPI report] thus far. The OPCW reported [press release] that two shipments of Syria’s chemical weapons have been made within the month of January, however, that the disposal process must be completed faster. Syria has admitting to possessing 1,300 tonnes of chemical weapons.

The Syrian Civil War [JURIST backgrounder] has persisted for almost three years. The conflict has been highlighted by countless human rights violations and use of chemical weaponry, which has created mounting pressure among the international community to find an end to the conflict. In February, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights [official website] reported [JURIST report] that both sides have been committing human rights violations. The day before, Syria agreed [JURIST report] to dispose of their chemical weapons. The UN released a report [JURIST report] earlier this month to the Security Council, which highlights the severe suffering faced by children in Syria during the period between March 2011 and November 2013. The report states that the Syrian government and military allies have killed and tortured extensive numbers of children, while opposition forces have recruited children to aid in combat and have summarily executed children, as well.