Senegal ex-president’s son charged with corruption News
Senegal ex-president’s son charged with corruption
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[JURIST] Senegalese prosecutors have charged Karim Wade, the son of Senegal’s former president Abdoulaye Wade [BBC profile], with corruption for allegedly embezzling USD $1.4 billion during his father’s years in office. The corruption claim centers on Wade’s acquisition of real estate and foreign companies, including Dubai Port World [corporate website], during his father’s 12-year term as president. Wade, 44, simultaneously served as Senegal’s minister for infrastructure, international co-operation, energy and air transportation from 2000-2012. Wade’s total budget was equivalent to one-third of the country’s expenditure. He was arrested on Monday after his lawyers turned over documents relating to his assets. Wade is being held without bail until trial.

Wade is among a number of former senior government officials currently being investigated for “illegal enrichment.” The former communications adviser,a businessman, an accountant and a manager of an airport ground support company were detained as Wade’s “accomplices.” President Macky Sall [BBC profile] defeated Abdoulaye Wade when Wade sought a third term [JURIST report] in March 2012. Sall began investigating the nation’s finances following his inauguration.