Former Colombia lawmaker convicted for involvement in massacre News
Former Colombia lawmaker convicted for involvement in massacre
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[JURIST] A former Colombian lawmaker was found guilty on Wednesday for his involvement in a 1988 massacre that killed 43 people. Cesar Perez was convicted [UPI report] for allegedly financing the attack, which was reportedly carried out for political purposes. Negro Vladamir, one of the leaders of the attack, accused Perez of orchestrating the massacre to gain political power in the town of Segovia. Perez has not yet been sentenced but is expected to receive approximately 25-30 years.

Colombia has drawn attention from UN rights bodies several times recently. In October UN experts urged [JURIST report] Colombia to reconsider proposed constitutional reforms affecting the military criminal law. In August UN Special Rapporteur on the rights of indigenous people James Anaya [official website] also called upon [JURIST report] the government of Colombia to advance its negotiations with indigenous authorities in northern Cauca regarding the military presence in the area, as well as other pressing issues. Last December the representative to Colombia for the OHCHR called for a peaceful solution [JURIST report] to the country’s ongoing armed conflict involving hostages held by paramilitary rebels.