Kodak sues Apple for patent infringement News
Kodak sues Apple for patent infringement
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[JURIST] Eastman Kodak filed a lawsuit on Monday alleging that Apple [corporate websites] is illegally using its patented technology. The complaint alleges that Apple erroneously maintains ownership of technology developed when the two companies worked together in the early 1990s. Kodak is suing to prevent further use of the technology without permission, as it plans to sell the patents [Reuters report] in August. Kodak, which filed for bankruptcy in January, is required to sell patents as a part of its loan agreement to continue to operate in bankruptcy. The company alleges that Apple is taking advantage of its vulnerable position to avoid paying royalties on the technology. Apple’s lawyers have not yet responded to the allegations.

Apple is in the process of litigating numerous lawsuits based on patent infringement. A federal judge last week granted a request [JURIST report] from Apple to hear its patent infringement case against Motorola that seeks an injunction against some of Motorola’s phones that allegedly infringe upon Apple’s patents. Earlier this month, a judge for the US District Court for the Northern District of California rejected a request by Apple [JURIST report] for a preliminary injunction against distribution four Samsung products, including the Galaxy Tab 10.1., which Apple contends infringe on their patents. In March, Samsung filed a patent suit against Apple [JURIST report] in Seoul, South Korea alleging Apple infringed three of its utility patents. Samsung alleges that Apple’s iPhone 4S and iPad 2 infringe patents it owns involving methods of displaying data, the user interface and text messaging.