China government detains suspected US spy: report News
China government detains suspected US spy: report
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[JURIST] The Chinese government has detained a former aide to a vice minister in China’s security ministry who is suspected of spying for the US [Reuters report], anonymous sources told Reuters. The former aide, whose identity is unknown, allegedly passed information to the US government over a period of years and was detained earlier this year. Neither the Chinese nor the US government has commented on the allegations. The incident may put further strain on the US relationship with China after the recent resolution of a US-China struggle over the fate of blind Chinese human rights activist Chen Guangcheng [BBC profile; JURIST news archive].

Chen urged the US on Thursday to “try harder” to promote the rule of law in China [JURIST report]. He arrived in New York last month after he left the US embassy [JURIST reports]. His arrival resolved a US-China struggle that began when he escaped from his house arrest in April and sought refuge in US embassy [JURIST report] in Beijing. US officials had previously called for his release. He was placed under house arrest after he served four years in prison to which he was sentenced [JURIST reports] for damaging property and “organizing a mob to disturb traffic.”