Two Bosnian Serbs sentenced to prison for roles in Srebenica massacre News
Two Bosnian Serbs sentenced to prison for roles in Srebenica massacre
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[JURIST] The Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) war crimes court [official website] ruled [materials] on Thursday that two former Bosnian Serb police officers were guilty of aiding and abetting genocide. The court convicted Dusko Jevic and Mendeljev Djuric for taking part in the killing of 1,000 Muslim men during the 1995 Srebenica massacre [BBC backgrounder; JURIST news archive]. Jevic and Djuric oversaw the transportation of Srebenica’s men to execution sites [RFE/RL report]. The court sentenced Jevic to 35 years in jail and Djuric to 30 years. More than 8,000 men and boys were killed during the Srebenica massacre. Bosnian Serb commander Ratko Mladic [ICTY case materials; JURIST news archive] is awaiting trial at The Hague on genocide charges related to the massacre.

Jevic and Djuric were indicted on genocide charges [JURIST report] in January 2010, along with fellow Bosnian Serb police officer Goran Markovic. Jevic served as Deputy Commander of the Special Police Brigade, while Mendeljev Duric and Goran Markovic served as Jahorina Training Center Squad Commanding Officers. Jevic and Djuric were arrested [JURIST report] in October 2009 after an investigation by the Special Department for War Crimes of the Prosecutor’s Office of BiH [official website, in Bosnian] suggested their involvement in the Srebenica massacre.