North Korea protests proposed UN General Assembly rights resolution News
North Korea protests proposed UN General Assembly rights resolution

[JURIST] North Korea has strongly protested a proposed UN General Assembly resolution [text] calling on North Korea to "respect fully all human rights and fundamental freedoms" and put an end to its violations of human rights. The resolution, which was co-sponsored by South Korea [JURIST report], Japan, and members of the European Union, was approved [press release] Friday by the General Assembly's Social, Humanitarian, & Cultural Committee by a vote of 95 to 24, with 62 members abstaining. The North Korean delegation to the UN criticized the nonbinding resolution, characterizing it as a politicization and double standards in dealing with human rights. North Korea specifically criticized South Korea's support as a "reckless anti-national and anti-reunification move," noting that it was a reversal of prior joint declarations by the two Koreas. The UN General Assembly is expected to vote on the proposed resolution in December. Yonhap News Agency has more.

South Korea has alternated between supporting and abstaining from non-binding resolutions condemning North Korea. South Korea had previously abstained from voting on issues concerning North Korea since 2003, but joined a resolution [PDF text] in 2006, then subsequently abstained on the 2007 resolution [PDF text]. In March, the South Korean National Human Rights Commission [official website, in English] announced it was initiating an investigation [JURIST report] into alleged human rights violations by North Korea, and earlier this month it established a special committee [JURIST report] to look into alleged North Korean rights abuses.