JURIST launches Facebook presence News
JURIST launches Facebook presence

[JURIST] JURIST has launched an official page on Facebook, the rapidly-growing social networking portal. The page is designed to give our US and worldwide audience a space in which to share their JURIST experiences and their common interest in the legal news and commentary that we offer every day, while giving readers occasional behind-the-scenes peeks at law student staff operations here at the University of Pittsburgh School of Law, JURIST's host institution. After more than a decade of delivering content to hundreds of thousands of largely anonymous readers around the world, our staff is looking forward to seeing the faces and hearing the voices of the ever-growing number of JURIST readers on the Facebook service! Please join us here:


Leave a note on our Wall, take the Poll, or chime in on the Discussion Board while keeping up with some the best and latest JURIST content. And as always, tell us how we can make JURIST better. We look forward to seeing you on Facebook!