Argentina woman sues parents in ‘Dirty War’ abduction News
Argentina woman sues parents in ‘Dirty War’ abduction

[JURIST] An Argentinean woman has brought charges against her adoptive parents for kidnapping her and falsifying her identity during Argentina's "Dirty War" [GlobalSecurity backgrounder; JURIST news archive]. While several other cases have dealt with the abduction of children [BBC report] by Argentinean military agents in the 1970s, this marks the first in which charges were brought by the adopted child. The most notable case resulted in the 1998 conviction of General Jorge Videla [BBC report], the former leader of Argentina's military junta. Videla is still serving a term of house arrest. The oral phase of the latest trial began on Tuesday in Buenos Aires, and former army captain Enrich Berthier joins the adoptive parents of Maria Eugenia Sampallo Barragan as a defendant. Sampallo Barragan recovered her identity in 2000 when she submitted to a program of DNA testing sponsored by the Grandmothers of the Plaza de Mayo [organization website]. After learning her identity in 2001, she filed charges against her parents. AP has more. La Nacion has additional coverage [in Spanish].

In a related development, former naval officer Carlos Marandino surrendered to the Buenos Aires police Tuesday, making him the fourth defendant to face charges of torture, homicide and illegal detention in connection with the Trelew massacre of 1972 [JURIST report]. Police continue to search for former Lt. Roberto Guillermo Bravo, the fifth defendant sought in the investigation. Clarin has additional coverage [in Spanish].