Iraq report urges Blackwater ouster, extradition of agents News
Iraq report urges Blackwater ouster, extradition of agents

[JURIST] The Iraqi government intends to oust Blackwater USA [corporate website], the private security firm involved in a September shooting incident [JURIST report], from its borders over the next six months, according to a report complied by Iraqi authorities and the Iraqi National Police. The report, which is the culmination of an investigation [JURIST report] by the Iraqi government into the shooting incident, also asserts that Iraq is the proper venue for prosecution of Blackwater agents and called for the extradition of the 16 security agents suspected of involvement in the incident. The report further demands that Blackwater pay eight million dollars in compensatory damages to each of the victims' families. It also concluded that Blackwater personnel killed 21 and wounded 27 civilians in previous shootings, although it did not recommend for or against prosecution in those cases.

On September 16, Blackwater guards allegedly fired on civilians, prompting the Iraqi government to withdraw Blackwater's operating licenses [JURIST report]. Blackwater maintains that the shootings were provoked [JURIST report], and has made long-term plans to stay in Iraq, despite an order to leave. The Iraqi government's investigation found no evidence [JURIST report] that the Blackwater guards had been attacked or provoked, and raised the death toll to 17 from the previously reported 13. The Iraqi government called for the Blackwater personnel involved in the shooting to be prosecuted in Iraqi courts, but deferred legal action until the US completes an FBI investigation into the incident [JURIST report]. AP has more.