Chile judge indicts Pinochet relatives, associates News
Chile judge indicts Pinochet relatives, associates

[JURIST] Twenty-three family members and former associates of the late former Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet [JURIST news archive; BBC profile] were indicted [PDF text, in Spanish] in Chile Thursday on corruption charges. The 23 suspects [list, in Spanish] include five of Pinochet's children, his widow, his longtime secretary, and three retired army generals. Judge Carlos Cerda said the charges stem from allegations that these individuals aided Pinochet in "the misuse of fiscal funds" during his 1973-1990 military regime. AP has more.

Pinochet died of a heart attack [JURIST report] in December 2006 without ever facing trial on multiple charges of tax evasion and human rights violations. Nevertheless, Chilean authorities began an investigation [JURIST report] earlier this year to determine whether Pinochet ordered state officials to murder former Chilean President Eduardo Frei Montalva [EB profile] in 1982.