Rwanda war crimes suspect arrested in Germany News
Rwanda war crimes suspect arrested in Germany

[JURIST] German police have arrested Augustin Ngirabatware, a former Rwandan minister suspected of genocide in the 1994 Rwanda conflict [BBC backgrounder] between Hutus and Tutsis, German officials announced Thursday. The International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda (ICTR) [official website] accuses Ngirabatware of conspiracy to commit genocide, genocide, and complicity in genocide. The ICTR quickly sought extradition of Ngirabatware [AHN report] to begin proceedings in Rwanda. The ICTR issued Ngirabatware's arrest warrant in 2001, but Ngirabatware has been able to evade authorities by frequently changing hotels and apartments throughout Europe. He was arrested in Frankfurt on Monday.

Ngirabatware is one of 18 fugitives wanted by the ICTR, while dozens of war crimes cases [ICTR materials] have already begun. Ngirabatware is accused of providing weapons to Hutus during the 1994 conflict. AP has more. BBC News has additional coverage.