UK parliamentary panel wants stronger climate change bill News
UK parliamentary panel wants stronger climate change bill

[JURIST] The UK parliament's Joint Committee on the Draft Climate Change Bill [official website] urged parliament to amend the draft climate change bill [PDF text] to include the monitoring and analysis of all greenhouse emissions instead of only carbon dioxide in a report [PDF text] released Friday. The committee also recommended that the draft bill be amended to include the monitoring, reporting, and projection of international aviation emissions.

The draft bill, which currently sets a target to reduce emissions by at least 60 percent by 2050, was unveiled in March [JURIST report] with the hope that it would encourage other countries, including the US, to adopt similar changes to confront the threat of climate change. To date, 171 parties have ratified the Kyoto Protocol [UNFCCC backgrounder], which aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by developed and developing nations beyond 2012 [JURIST report]. BBC News has more.