Spain handing secret rendition intelligence documents to investigating judge News
Spain handing secret rendition intelligence documents to investigating judge

[JURIST] The government of Spain [JURIST archive] agreed Friday to declassify and deliver to Spanish High Court [official website] Judge Ismael Moreno intelligence documents he ordered from Spain's National Intelligence Center [official website] pertaining to secret CIA "rendition flights" [JURIST news archive] that transferred suspected terrorists between countries. The documents show that dozens of planes stopped at the Spanish holiday islands of Mallorca and Tenerife before heading to other locations. Investigators assert that prisoners were held illegally and may have endured torture at the hands of the destination countries.

Spain said the information would remain private and that it would request Moreno to only use the documents for his investigation into whether CIA rendition flights stopped at Spanish airports [JURIST report]. Although the government recognizes that it may have been a stopover on the way to commit alleged crimes in other territories [JURIST report], it claims there is no evidence that international laws were violated within Spain's borders.

Last year, Council of Europe [official website] investigator Dick Marty [official website: JURIST news archive] accused Spain of acting in collusion with the interstate transfer of suspected terrorists. Investigators allege that up to 50 individuals were transported through Europe to jails in other countries. The United States concedes that detainees were secretly transferred [JURIST report], but denies they were tortured or turned over to countries that abused them. Reuters has more.