Saddam lawyers decry ‘political assassination’ in statement News
Saddam lawyers decry ‘political assassination’ in statement

[JURIST] Lawyers for late Iraqi ex-president Saddam Hussein issued a statement [SAPA report] Saturday in response to his dawn execution [JURIST report] declaring that the former leader "died a martyr" and condemning the trial as a "political assassination" that was a "flagrant violation of international law." The statement said that the defense team "will not close the book on this matter and will pursue its struggle, using all legal paths available locally and internationally until public opinion gets the truth…".

In a separate statement e-mailed to JURIST minutes after the hanging, American Hussein defense lawyer Curtis Doebbler condemned the execution [JURIST report] in similar terms, calling it:

…an unfortunate display of arrogant aggressor's injustice by the United States of America under the leadership of American President George W. Bush. It sets back achievements in international criminal law many decades and sends a clear message to people all over the world that the United States' aggression cannot be stopped by the law. It is truly a sad day for international justice and sad beginning to a new year.
In November Hussein was convicted of crimes against humanity committed in the town of Dujail in 1982 and sentenced to death [JURIST report]. His appeal was rejected earlier this week.