Iraqi general arrested on corruption charges News
Iraqi general arrested on corruption charges

[JURIST] An Iraqi general and three senior officers have been arrested on accusations of corruption, Iraqi Deputy Prime Minister Salam al-Zawba'i [PDF profile – see p.10] told Reuters Wednesday. Although the reported arrest has not been confirmed by the US military or the Iraqi Defense Ministry, al-Zawba'i said Major General Abdul Jalil Khalaf Shuweil, in charge of troops in Kadhimiya, a suburb northwest of Baghdad, and three others were arrested by US forces Tuesday.

Meanwhile, the UN Assistance Mission for Iraq (UNAMI) [official website] released its latest periodic human rights report [text] Wednesday, noting as first reported last month [JURIST report] that approximately 3,000 members of the Iraqi Interior Ministry have been removed from their posts due to allegations of human rights abuses and corruption. Corruption has been a major problem in Iraq [JURIST news archive] since the US invasion; earlier this month, a report by Transparency International ranked Iraq as one of the world's four most-corrupt countries [JURIST report]. Reuters has more.