Anti-immigration measures pass in Arizona, Colorado News
Anti-immigration measures pass in Arizona, Colorado

[JURIST] Arizona voters Tuesday overwhelmingly passed four measures directed against illegal immigration, approving each one by about a three-to-one margin across the state. If not overruled by the courts, Proposition 100 [text, PDF] will deny bail for illegal immigrants under certain conditions; Proposition 102 [text, PDF] will prohibit illegals from receiving punitive damages in civil suits; and Proposition 300 [text, PDF] will prevent illegals from using state funds for child care and education, including disallowing them to claim in-state tuition at college and universities. Proposition 103 [text, PDF] will establish English as the official state language. In 1988, Arizona voters passed a similar measure, but it was later overruled by the Arizona Supreme Court [text, PDF] and the US Supreme Court [text]. The Arizona Secretary of State [official website] posted the following results Wednesday afternoon:

AZ Prop 100
Yes: 890,021 – 77.8 percent
No: 253,472 – 22.2 percent

AZ Prop 102
Yes: 840,582 – 74.4 percent
No: 289,462 – 25.6 percent

AZ Prop 300
Yes: 809, 658 – 71.7 percent
No: 320,296 – 28.3 percent

AZ Prop 103
Yes: 849,772 – 74.2 percent
No: 295,632 – 25.8 percent

The Arizona Daily Star has local coverage.

Voters in Colorado also passed two anti-immigration referendums Tuesday. Referendum H [text, PDF], which would prohibit business from deducting wages paid to illegal immigrants, passed narrowly with 662,275 (50.8 percent) voting for and 642,509 (49.2 percent) against. Referendum K [text, PDF], which would direct the Colorado State Attorney General to initiate a lawsuit demanding immigration laws be enforced by the federal government, passed with 742,196 (56.0 percent) voting for and 582,752 (44 percent) against. The Rocky Mountain News has more.