UN Nepal rights office criticizes Maoist violations News
UN Nepal rights office criticizes Maoist violations

[JURIST] The UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights for Nepal (OHCHR-Nepal) [official website] urged the Nepali Maoist party [political party website] Monday to keep its promises to stop its human rights violations. OHCHR-Nepal alleges that Maoist troops are still conducting kidnappings, torture, and murder of political as well as civilian targets. OHCHR-Nepal said it has undertaken probes into five alleged murders of abducted individuals by Maoist cadres throughout Nepal [JURIST news archive].

The Maoist party has repeatedly said it is willing to give up violence so long as the monarchy is completely removed from Nepal's constitution. Human rights groups have criticized the condition as unacceptable and abusive of the Nepalese people. eKantipur Online has local coverage.