Egypt police clash with demonstrators supporting judges News
Egypt police clash with demonstrators supporting judges

[JURIST] Protests continue in Egypt over two judges facing disciplinary hearings [JURIST report] at Egypt's highest court for their criticism of parliamentary elections [JURIST report] last year, which they and eight other judges claimed were marred by fraud. Judges Hisham el-Bastiwisy and Mahmoud Mekki, members of the Judge's Club – a group pushing for greater judicial independence, did not attend their hearing Thursday to protest the treatment of the demonstrators [JURIST report] at the hands of police, pushing the date of the hearing back to May 18. Witnesses claim massive police forces have begun blocking off streets in downtown Cairo and chasing protesters through the streets, assaulting some and then dragging them to be detained in nearby buildings or waiting vehicles.

Among the many secular protestors are members of the opposition Muslim Brotherhood [party website; FAS backgrounder] rallying in support of the judges and to protest the emergency laws [EOHR backgrounder] that were extended last month [JURIST report]. BBC News has more.