German court resumes trial of alleged Holocaust denier News
German court resumes trial of alleged Holocaust denier

[JURIST] The trial of Ernst Zundel [ADL profile; CBC backgrounder] on charges of incitement, libel and disparaging the dead [JURIST report] in connection with denying the Holocaust [US Holocaust Museum backgrounder] resumed on Thursday in Mannheim, Germany after being put on hold last November [JURIST report]. The judge had removed two members of Zundel's defense team at the time after one called Jews an "enemy people." On Thursday, the judge also cautioned supporters of Zundel in the gallery that anyone causing disruptions or making outbursts would be removed.

Zundel once lived in Tennessee and was deported from Canada to face the charges last year; he faces up to five years in prison if convicted. Zundel and his supporters argue that he is being denied his right to free speech and likened his advocacy to European newspapers defending their publication of controversial caricatures of Muhammad [JURIST news archive]. AP has more.