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British Islamic leaders urge speedy prosecution  of UK troops in abuse video
British Islamic leaders urge speedy prosecution of UK troops in abuse video

[JURIST Europe] Islamic leaders in Britain have demanded a speedy prosecution of British soldiers shown beating young Iraqi detainees [JURIST report] and defiling an Iraqi corpse in video images [NW recorded video] that were published [NW report] in the tabloid News of the World Sunday. The leaders expressed concerns that the 2004 video would cause further outrage among UK Muslims, already provoked over the Muslim cartoons controversy [JURIST archive], and would make it more difficult to contain rising anger among Islamic youth. Sir Iqbal Sacranie [Wikipedia profile], Secretary-General of the Muslim Council of Britain [official website], also warned that the outrage could endanger the 8,000 British troops currently stationed in Iraq [MOD official website]. In anticipation of a possible backlash, British troops there have been placed on heightened alert.

UK Prime Minister Tony Blair has promised a full investigation into the incident and the as-yet-unidentified soldiers involved have been urged to turn themselves in. Through a spokesman, Iraq Prime Minister Ibrahim Jaafari has called [BBC report] for the British government "to bring the soldiers to justice immediately and to institute even more stringent measures of monitoring and assessing and making sure such incidents – that are so tragic – never happen again." The Times of London has more.

9:30 AM ET – The UK Ministry of Defense said Monday that one person has been arrested in connection with the abuse video, but no further details have yet been released. Reuters has more.

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