Senators reaffirm prisoner torture ban News
Senators reaffirm prisoner torture ban

[JURIST] US Senators Friday confirmed their support for an anti-torture amendment [JURIST document] sponsored by Senator John McCain (R-AZ) [official website] and attached to the 2006 defense spending bill by unanimously re-passing the amendment by voice vote after approving it 90-9 [JURIST report] last month. President Bush has threatened to veto [JURIST report] the defense spending budget if it contains the anti-torture amendment. McCain on his part has specifically ruled out any plans to accept a Bush-backed exemption [JURIST report] favoring the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) [official website]. US Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) [official website] agreed with McCain Friday, saying, "I will not entertain a retreat, I will not entertain an exception that washes away what we've been fighting for." The US House of Representatives began its own review of the amendment on Thursday and although the House GOP leadership has delayed a House vote [JURIST report] on the measure, McCain said the bill had an "overwhelming majority" of support by US representatives. AFP has more.


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