Italian prosecutor files extradition request for 22 CIA operatives News
Italian prosecutor files extradition request for 22 CIA operatives

[JURIST] The Italian prosecutor's office in Milan has asked for 22 CIA operatives to be extradited to Italy to face charges for the alleged kidnapping of Egyptian cleric Abu Omar [Washington Post report] in 2003, according to an Italian prosecutor Friday. Omar was purportedly kidnapped on a Milan street before being taken to Egypt where he was reportedly tortured. Italian prosecutors allege that the abduction was part of a CIA "extraordinary rendition" program where torture suspects are kidnapped and then taken to other countries without court approval. The Italian government said it was not informed of the operation and the kidnapping strained relations between the US and Italy with Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi [official profile] claiming it was a violation of Italian sovereignty [JURIST report]. Earlier this year, Milan Prosecutor Armando Spataro issued arrest warrants for the 22 CIA agents. Italy's Justice Minister Roberto Castelli [official biography] will decide whether to send the extradition request to the US. AP has more.

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