England: ‘worse things’ happened at Abu Ghraib News
England: ‘worse things’ happened at Abu Ghraib

[JURIST] Lynndie England [JURIST news archive], who was sentenced last week [JURIST report] to 3 years in prison for her role in the Abu Ghraib [JURIST news archive] prisoner abuse scandal, said she knew of "worse things" happening at the Iraqi military prison. In an interview [excerpts] with MSNBC's Dateline Sunday, England said the pictures taken of her did not reflect the extent of the abuse at the facility and that military commanders were fully aware of what was taking place and had seen the photos before the scandal became public. England said military intelligence officers were shown the pictures of the intimidation tactics and responded by saying "Oh, that's a good job. I never would have thought of that. Keep up the good work." AFP has more.