Lawyers request federal judge to oversee Gitmo hunger strike News
Lawyers request federal judge to oversee Gitmo hunger strike

[JURIST] Expressing concern over the condition of Guantanamo Bay [JURIST news archive] detainees participating in a hunger strike, attorneys for some of the detainees have told District Judge Colleen Kollar-Kotelly that the detainees are in worse condition than the military has admitted and asked the judge to oversee the military's management [New York Times report] of the hunger strike. Attorneys Tom Wilner and Kristine Huskey said Wednesday that they had visited five of their clients who were participating in the hunger strike [JURIST report], and that at least two of them were being force fed. The detainees, many of whom were arrested by US forces in 2002 in Afghanistan, are protesting their continued imprisonment without charge or trial, and the five visited by Wilner and Huskey said they would starve themselves to death unless they were released or charged. The military has reported that the number participating in the strike has dropped to 36 from a high of 131, and that all of them were in stable condition. Attorneys said, however, that two detainees who were being force fed, Fawzi al Odah [Project Kuwaiti Freedom profile] and Abdullah al Kandari [Cageprisoners profile], could barely sit up or talk. AP has more.

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