BREAKING NEWS ~ US terror threat elevated after London bombings
BREAKING NEWS ~ US terror threat elevated after London bombings

[JURIST] AP is reporting that the US terror alert level [US Department of Homeland Security backgrounder] will be raised to code orange for mass transit in the wake of London explosions, according to US officials.

12:37 PM ET – The UN Security Council has been called into emergency consultative session on the London bombings, and a formal public meeting may follow later Thursday afternoon. UPI has more.

12:41 PM ET – The BBC is reporting that in a statement from Downing Street, British Prime Minister Tony Blair has promised intense efforts by police and security forces to bring the perpetrators of the London attacks to justice [10 Downing Street transcript].

12:53 PM ET – The BBC is reporting that the UN Security Council has unanimously adopted a resolution condemning the London bombings. Read the text of Resolution 1611.

1:33 PM ET – AP reports that British police have raised the official confirmed death count by four, to 37, and are saying that some 700 others have been injured.

2:05 PM ET – A full transcript of US Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff's press conference announcing the elevated terror threat alert for US mass transit is now online.

4:17 PM ET – ABC News is reporting that British officials have told US law enforcement agents that they have recovered two unexploded bombs in London.

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