SEAL Iraqi prisoner abuse court-martial begins News
SEAL Iraqi prisoner abuse court-martial begins

[JURIST] An unnamed lieutenant in the US Navy special forces SEALs [official military website] begins his court-martial Monday on charges of assault, dereliction of duty and conduct unbecoming an officer stemming from the treatment of Iraqi prisoner Manadel al-Jamadi [Wikipedia profile], whose dead ice-packed body appeared in a number of Abu Ghraib [JURIST Hot Topic news archive] photos last year. Al-Jamadi was captured by SEALs on orders from the Central Intelligence Agency and allegedly knew the location of a large cache of explosives in Iraq. A few hours after they turned al-Jamadi him over to CIA handlers, he was dead. The unnamed SEAL officer is alleged to have directly participated in, and to have allowed his men to abuse al-Jamadi on the return trip from his abduction. The Navy is taking extraordinary steps to preserve the anonymity of the charged officer. He will be referred to in court only by the first letter of his last name. AP has more.