France delays UN vote on Darfur court News
France delays UN vote on Darfur court

[JURIST] France said Thursday that it will delay a UN Security Council [official website] vote on its proposed resolution that would ensure that any Darfur war crimes trials are held at the International Criminal Court [official website]. France drafted its resolution to counter the US position [JURIST report] in favor of establishing an ad-hoc tribunal operating from Tanzania. The delay puts off a direct political confrontation with the US and makes way for a Security Council vote late Thursday on a separate resolution that would send a 10,000-strong peacekeeping force to Sudan [JURIST news archive]. The peacekeeping resolution is expected to be approved. AFP has more.

6:12 PM ET – The UN Security Council approved 10,000 peacekeepers to monitor the January peace accord that ended 21 years of civil war in Sudan.